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 Reinvent Yourself!

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Joe McNemar grew up in North Central West Virginia.  After graduating from high school in 1984 he worked as a photographer and darkroom technician for a local professional photographer.  Learning how to shoot weddings, high school seniors and print black and white negatives were the first building blocks of his craft.


In 1988 he enrolled in the Ohio Institute of Photography in a Commercial Degree Program.  Working his way through college he began photographing models and working at Dayton Daily News as a sports photographer.  Shooting the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals and events like the Indianapolis 500 were some of the things he was assigned to do.


After graduation in 1990, Joe opened D-Max Photography in Clarksburg, West Virginia at 24 years old.  High school seniors are his main form of business, but Joe does a lot of Commercial Photography.  Some of those projects have been underground in coal mines, aerial photography, hospitals, and sports photography for West Virginia University.  One of the most interesting jobs was a recent one and was 55 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.  A White Star Line ship was on a transatlantic trip and collided with another ship in 1909.  The ships name is “The Republic” and has a shipment of gold coins on board now worth 3-5 billion dollars.  Joe photographed some of the recovery and mapping of the craft at sea for five straight days.


Joe received his Master’s degree from the Professional Photographers of America in only 2.5 years after entering his first competition in 1997.  He won Photographer of the Year four times in West Virginia and won Mid East Photographer of the Year in 1998.  Other awards include numerous Loan Prints, 12 Kodak Gallery Awards, and 13 Fuji Masterpiece Awards.


Joe’s business is still thriving in the second of the poorest states in the nation.  He accredits it to having good clean images.  Rarely following fads, Joe will rather not “junk up” images to make them look better.  He prefers to shoot strong images that stand on their own.  Images that have amazing color and contrast are what his clients come to him for. 


Joe frequently travels to California to shoot personal work.  Yosemite, Death Valley, Hollywood and the entire coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco are already under his belt.  The book he is making of California will never be finished as long as he is still photographing.




Reinvent Yourself!


Why let money that can be coming to you go down the street to your competition?  This class will set you up to “SET YOURSELF APART” from the part timers and other photographers.  First of all we will not be going over any business plans or charts and graphs.  This class will be creative but technical.  



This class will teach you creative lighting on location and the studio.  Anyone can light with a reflector or a big soft box.  Let’s go into more of a refined lighting area.  All of you should bring a camera every day.  Everyone will shoot models.  Joe will go over different light sources that will expand your photography style and will give you amazing color that the part timers just can’t get.  Isn’t that what it is all about?  Be better than the next person by offering something that no one else can do so you can stand out.  When everyone is doing the same style, the consumer wins. They can go to the cheapest photographer because it is all the same.  With this class we can all reinvent ourselves. Even I myself hope to come away with amazing images for my wall. We will look for ordinary objects and colors that will change an image. Hopefully your potential clients will ask you where you shot your new images.  And they will be shocked to know they may very well pass it every day and not see it.  We may start very early and shoot pretty late. I don’t get tired so bring comfortable shoes. Bring something you don’t mind getting dirty as I lay down on things to get great angles. Let’s make something out of nothing. (Chicken Salad)


Things will discuss are: 

See something new by shooting out of your element. 


Mixed Lighting Sources- Controlling color temperature to alter or balance your existing. 


Posing- Quit being conservative! How to get that rapport that will allow you to get your client to get into the most uncomfortable positions that look amazing but not uncomfortable; poses that the new photographer down the street will not know. 


 Studio Lighting- Make beautiful images with different types of light sizes and sources. Things your competition will not be able to do. Simple lighting techniques with up to five lights will make your images stand out. I like images with lots of controlled shadows.  Most new photographers shoot with very flat lighting. This day will allow you to do a few styles of lighting.  When you do up your game, you will know how to pull it off.  No more worrying on what to do with a client.  It never hurts to go over what f stop to use and when.  Learn where to put the studio lights and why.  Because if you don’t know why, then when your shot is failing on real client?  You will know why and how to fix it.  Come shoot some beautiful people with us!  Take something home with you to excite your Instagram page.


Location Lighting- Learn how to recognize great light to shoot. We will go over how to set up your camera to get the best possible color and workflow later. Learn how to a great digital file with as perfect exposure as can be achieved.  We will also be going over how to use balance your flash to the color temperature in your scene, and how to alter the color temperature to get different results that your competition will wonder how you achieved your end result.  Learn how to use two and three off camera flashes that will add dimension to your images. Time will be spent on how to maximize how to use light disk reflectors. Putting light into areas you may not have thought possible.


Adobe Camera Raw - The most important part of the program.

Even the seasoned professional will learn a lot!  Learn how to get amazing color. Get amazing blues and greens; you will have no blown out highlights.  Learn how to make people more tan and not get orange skin.  I use almost no photo shop “actions”.  A really good trick is converting to Black and White, maximum total range.  You will be using Zone 0 to Zone 10 in your photography.  Learn how to convert files where the reds and greens are not the same tone on a black and white print.  Learn how to “add color” or change color to areas in Adobe Camera Raw techniques before you open it in photo shop. Don’t underestimate what you will learn in this program. Think you know it all?  I’m betting ya don’t.


Joe has taught this class before and everyone loved it!  The class will be shooting more for this class so everyone will have a chance to go home with something spectacular to hang on their wall.  A beach shoot, a cityscape shoot and a lighthouse shoot will happen. If everyone is on board we may go shoot at night so we can see some stars in the sky. Again this will be done in the camera.  Another evening shoot will be a surprise shoot with some pretty cool things happening in it.  Joe is arranging to bring his own models for the week.  They are all beautiful people and you will love to photograph them. We will decide what day we shoot and when we work on computer editing once we see what the weather will be. 


See more images at www.dmaxphotography.com 



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