Lisa Jansen


Photoshop: Beyond the Basics for Professional Photographers

This workshop will take your image editing to the next level. You will learn the tools, tips, and techniques you need to create unique and dramatic images that stand out above the rest.
It will include how to:

  • Combine masking, layer adjustments, and blending modes to develop your image and express your style.
  • Solve common problems with quick and easy tips and techniques.
  • Learn special effects that will make your portraits powerful and dramatic.
  • Enrich your images through color and tonal adjustments.
  • Achieve great looks using HDR, Image Slicing, and Stacking Modes.
  • Use new technologies to create special, fun effects.
  • Prepare your images for print with methods in resizing, converting profiles, and finishing touches.

Increase your confidence in your image editing skills and see just how creative and powerful your images can be!

* This class assumes you have basic Photoshop knowledge and experience.

Comprehensive Adobe Lightroom for Professional Photographers

Adobe Lightroom is a one-stop, all inclusive, professional photographer software application. From organizing and managing thousands of photos, to in-depth image editing, to output. This workshop will get you started in it all!
In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Structure your photo library for the way you work.
  • Learn to navigate the Lightroom interface.
  • Import and organize images using metadata and collections for quick access.
  • Compare, rate, select and reject images quickly, saving you hours of valuable time.
  • Perform essential editing functions to the entire image or just to parts of the image such as: white balance, exposure, tonal values, clarity, curves, hue, saturation, cropping, sharpening and noise reduction.
  • Fix common problems such as haze, dust spots, red eye, lens distortion, and chromatic aberration.
  • Create special effects with gradients, changing individual colors, vignettes, and black-and-white images.
  • Adjust multiple images at one time and copy edits from one image to another.
  • Apply Lightroom filter presets to achieve the look you are striving for. Also create and save your own filters.
  • Export images in multiple formats for publishing, emailing or printing with automatic watermarking.

*This workshop is for both the beginner and experienced Lightroom user. It covers the basics of the program and continues on to more advanced features.

About Lisa
Lisa Jansen is a fine art photographer and educator. Her great passions are taking photos of nature, using the computer to turn those photos into works of art, and teaching others how to do both. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Education, along with a life-long love of photography, Lisa has a unique perspective on how photographers can learn to use the computer to help their work stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive world.

Lisa was an instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for over 25 years where she taught numerous photography courses and implemented an accredited photography program. She knows what skills photographers have trouble grasping and can offer techniques to make difficult concepts easy to understand. She is known for her casual and fun approach to learning.

As owner of Lisa Jansen Photography, Lisa sells her fine art photography and offers customized training in Photography, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop. Her clients exclaim that their experience with Lisa is very enjoyable and successful.

Lisa has been recognized for her work in both education and photography, with her most proud accomplishments being awarded “Best in Show” in the Wisconsin Education Art Showcase and the Nikon International Sports Photo winner, along with being published in National Geographic Kids Magazine and in Educational Journals for her work in Classroom Assessment Techniques.

Lisa resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin but can be found near and far capturing the beauty of nature and helping others achieve their photographic goals.