Michael Timmons


Introduction to Drone Photography

Michael E. Timmons
M.Photog., Hon. M.Photog., M.Artist, Cr., CPP, F-ASP

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly? Have you been curious about becoming a Drone pilot and adding a new product line to your existing business or maybe starting a new business altogether? Join Michael, an F.A.A. licensed, sUAS pilot, as we navigate this exciting new adventure together. There are many things to consider in this new opportunity to photographers and entrepreneurs alike. Is it right for you? Let Michael help you determine that before you invest many hours and dollars into this venture. There is a lot more to it than just buying a Drone!

During this course, Michael will introduce students to the fundamentals of expanding into the business of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or sUAS for short. This rapidly changing environment is somewhat complicated to maneuver and Michael will help you figure out if this line of work would be a benefit to add to your business. Students will be introduced to the following concepts of the Drone system.

1. Is a Drone right for me?
2. What are the legal ramifications?
3. Introduction to the Part 107 F.A.A. exam for sUAS Pilots.
4. Introduction to Weather Charts and maps.
5. Introduction to the PPA Certification process for Drone Pilots.
6. Insurance recommendations. (Liability and Property).
7. What is a PIC or Pilot in Command.
8. Introduction to flying a drone.
9. Common sense practices.
10. Avenues for profit with Drone Photography.

It is not required for students to have any particular level of experience for this course. This will be a ground up introduction to the entire process with emphasis on fulfilling the basic requirements to complete the knowledge requirements to pass the Part 107 exam, learn to safely fly and maintain your sUAS, and to navigate the ever changing Drone landscape.

Students are encouraged to bring their own Drone if they already have one. Owning a Drone is not a requirement of taking this course. Possessing the F.A.A. Part 107 license is not a requirement of taking the class. Students should have a basic knowledge of photography and a willingness to learn.